All Inclusive Offshore Trophy Fishing Trip

* 6 full days of Fishing*
  * Lodging*
  * All Meals*
  * Airport transfers*
  * Fully outfitted fishing*
  * Fish processing*
(Our captains encourage the release of the largest female halibut and rockfish.)

Call for cost

Offshore Fishing Day Rates
(Lodging and Meals NOT Included)

Trips Available May 15-August 15
(on scheduled dates)

Alaska offers many possibilities for deep sea fishing along its rugged coast. Popular ports like Homer and Sitka are a bustle with charter boats and fishers. What is increasingly more difficult to find is a truly remarkable ocean fishery.

Our select locations are such a fishery.  The Gulf of Alaska in general is a steady arch with the continental shelf following the same arch 100 or so miles off-shore. This pattern is broken by the uninhabited Kayak Island that suddenly juts straight offshore and the shelf in turn cuts toward it, creating a major upwelling. This upwelling creates a nutrient rich feeding area where fish of all types gather to feed.

Catching a giant Ling or Halibut in deep water is an exciting experience but fishing the relative shallow waters of the Cape makes it an all together different ballgame. We fish in as shallow as 30 feet and rarely over 120 feet. Imagine the power and fight an 80 pound Ling or a 100 pound + Halibut will have that shallow! 260 pounds is the largest halibut we have caught thus far with the average size far higher than any other place we have fished. The bio-mass of sea bass and other fish is amazing. Often the schools get excited by the jigs and can be seen swirling from the surface! Salmon are often caught incidentally as well.

Why are we the only boat to fish here while literally hundreds fish other locations? Access is the main reason. It is literally as far as you can get from anywhere along the Gulf Coast. Weather also plays a role, as this area is very exposed.  Join us for the adventure of a lifetime!

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Cape St. Elias Trophy Saltwater Fishing