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Weekly Package Special

Daily rates (2-day minimum)

Camp is open July 1-September 30

Hidden Cove is the ideal image when an angler thinks of an Alaskan river to fish. It is a stunning setting with mountains on both sides of this wooded river valley leading right to the Gulf of Alaska and its surf swept beaches. Offering a great variety of fishing locations as the river branches into two forks, in addition to the “dry fly hole” located behind camp.

Orca aircraft transports you on a short 20 minute plane ride across the magnificent Copper River Delta to our landing strip at Hidden Cove. The camp is located in the spruce trees a few hundred yards from the airstrip. It is actually located in an abandoned town site where old relics and steam engines are scattered through the woods. The camp consists of a new main cabin and 3 guest cabins. The new main cabin replaces our old lodge building, the last standing building in the old town site. The new cabin is very comfortable with 4 guest rooms upstairs and a modern kitchen downstairs along with a dining hall and shower / bathroom. The guest cabins are simple yet comfortable with either wood or oil heat.

Fishing the river is the highlight of the camp, of course. As the lower end of the river in front of the camp is tidal we generally travel up river via skiff to fish. The river has plenty of gravel bars for easy wading and casting, as well as deep pools and eddies for the fish to school in. It is a fly- fisher’s heaven as the Silvers are bright and aggressive, fresh out of the salt water. The Dry Fly Hole is a nice bit of variety. It is picturesque with its old growth twisted trees surrounding it. A canoe is cached there to paddle the still ponds.

While the chrome bright Silver Salmon are the main attraction, there are trout and other species of salmon to be caught as well. The sea run Dolly Varden are plentiful as well as Cutthroat trout. This year in the upper ponds we also caught Rainbows. The sandy beaches across the river also offer Razor Clams and Dungeness crab for those willing to leave the river for a while – funny how seldom this happens!

Trip includes

 * Transportation by plane to and from camp*
    * All meals and lodging at camp*
    * All guide services and motorized transportation*
    * Spare tackle and backup supplies*

Does not include

    * Fishing license*
    * Specific alcoholic beverages*
    * Gratuities*
    * Stress and voicemail*

Hidden Cove Camp