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Activity Level: Moderate

The Sheridan Glacier, only 15 miles from the Lodge and is one of the most accessible glaciers in the State of Alaska due to the access road off the Copper River Highway.  A short hike thru a spruce-hemlock forest and you are presented with a commanding view of the Sheridan and Sherman Glaciers.  Following a .7 mile cobbled trail, surrounded by alders and wildflowers, you soon arrive at the icy face.  Hike through the moraine and you find yourself standing upon the ancient ice of this majestic glacier.  The terrain before you is an ever changing topography of glacial lakes, crystal blue caves and sudden jagged crevasses.  Feel free to explore for 3 steps or 3 miles, the choice is yours!

In recent years, like many parts of Alaska, glaciers in our area have been changing and thinning at an incredible rate.  As the Sheridan Glacier has been reshaped it has made it more and more difficult for less experienced hikers and families to explore this beautiful area safely and effectively.  For this reason, we added a new adventure for Orca...Exploring the Sheridan Glacier and Lake by kayak!

Along with hiking out onto the moraine at the end of the cobble path leading from the parking area, your guide will outfit the group with single or double kayaks so you can explore the southern and eastern portions of Sheridan Lake.  The intimate vantage point of a kayak really creates a once in a lifetime experience that is not to be missed.  One you've worked up an appetite, we'll stop for a picnic lunch on small island exposed by glacial retreat or find a remote area of the glacier to take a break and enjoy the stunning landscape.  These stunning areas of the glacier have only become navigable in recent years and we want to share the experience with you!  This excursion is suitable for all ages.  

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Sheridan Glacier Experience